Strong visual imagination and creativity, and enjoy expressing your feelings and thoughts through visual forms.

Result B | painter


Perhaps you are an artist who expresses his feelings primarily through painting or sculpting. You have strong visual imagination and creativity and enjoy expressing your feelings and thoughts through visual forms. Perhaps you are a sensitive and sensual person with keen perception and a rich capacity for emotional expression. You tend to pay attention to detail and formal beauty, enjoy exploring color, shape, materials and other artistic elements, and strive for formal perfection and refinement.

tips on love

In love, you might be drawn to a more romantic, sensual relationship. That's good, but you also need to be careful not to get caught up in excessive emotional volatility. Our advice is to maintain a solid self-identity and independence in your romantic relationships while learning to communicate and problem-solve effectively with your partner to maintain a healthy relationship.

Tips on the job

As a sensitive and sensual person, you find it easier to understand the feelings of others. Learn to understand the views and opinions of your colleagues and avoid hasty comments or accusations. Express your appreciation and praise to your colleagues in good time. However, you should learn to control your emotions in the workplace. Avoid ambiguous, vague or unclear wording to avoid misunderstandings and misleading. Also, avoid criticism or blame, and instead try to provide feedback and suggestions in a constructive way.

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