Strong sense of music and rhythm and enjoy expressing your feelings and thoughts through sound and music

Result D | singer


You may be an artist who expresses his feelings primarily through music or singing. You are the most unique of the four artistic personalities. You have a distinct feeling for music and rhythm, your own preferences and an unconventional aesthetic claim. You have a lot of moodiness that inspires you and helps you to express and shape yourself in music. You are good at perceiving and understanding the emotions and meaning of music, and you look for emotional resonance and freedom of expression in music.

tips on love

Stay honest and open, don't try to hide your feelings or change your preferences because that will only cause problems later. Both must learn to make compromises. Respect each other's thoughts and feelings and try to find a balance. Respect each other's independence. Even though you and your partner are together, you are separate individuals. Respect the independence of others and support them in their personal development.

Tips on the job

When you set clear goals, you can better plan and manage your time and resources; be positive and seek feedback and advice from colleagues or supervisors.

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