How do I choose a TV stand?

The center of the TV should be aligned with your eyes when you are sitting on your sofa.

  1. 1.Measure from the floor to your eye level while sitting.
  2. Then measure the height of the TV from the base to the top.
  3. Subtract half the height of the TV from your seat height to find the correct height for your TV stand.

Should I get a fixed, tilting or full articulation mount?

A fixed mount is ideal for a customer's basic needs. If you want to keep your TV in one position, a fixed mount is perfect for you. They sit flush against your wall and are easy to install.

A tilt mount is useful when installing in an area above eye level, such as a B. above a chimney. You can tilt your TV down to avoid straining your neck to view the screen. Tilt options also help with window or lamp glare.

A full motion mount is ideal for versatile use. You can extend, swivel and tilt your TV for different viewing positions in different areas of your room. The ability to extend your TV forward also helps with cable management and access to the back of your TV.

How do I set up my living room with a corner TV?

If you decide to put your TV in the corner, you can buy our Eiffel Tower Art TV Stand. Completely drill-free, beautifully decorated for your room and sturdy to support your beautiful 43" to 75" TV.

How do I choose the right TV stand for my TV

One thing to remember when choosing the right size media stand is that it should be at least a few inches (if not meters) wider than the base of your TV. This gives your TV plenty of room to sit comfortably and makes your media setup look more visually balanced.

How long does it take after I place my order?

Fitueyes offers free shipping on all orders.

Processing time: Your order will be dispatched within 48 hours on working days. (Weekends or holidays excluded).

Shipping Time: Shipping & Delivery takes 3-6 business days. Depending on the item purchased and the delivery location, delivery times can sometimes be delayed during peak shopping seasons. Please understand.

What is the guarantee on my purchases?

You have 30 days to return an item to us in its original condition. Any modifications or alterations to the product will void the original warranty.

What happens if I cancel my order?

If you cancel on the same day, you will not be charged any processing fees. However, if you cancel your order at any time after the end of the same day period, do not accept your canceled package from FedEx (sometimes RTS requests fail) as you are also responsible for sending the package back. Please contact customer service for more details.

What if my item/package arrives damaged?

When you receive your item, please inspect your item carefully. If the package appears damaged, please follow the steps below:

1) Take a picture of the damage.

2) Then please email us at support@fitueyes.com immediately and attach the photos.

3) We will contact you directly with the next steps.

Does the Eiffel stand fit a 43 inch Samsung TV and what screws do I need to buy to mount a Samsung?

It fits up to 75 inches, so you're more than fine there. It also comes with two different screw sizes and one of them should match your TV. I have a Samsung 75 inch and a set of screws fit perfectly on the back. Hope that helps.

What is the maximum weight of the Eiffel TV stand?

This stand fits a 75 inch TV and can support up to 132 lbs

What are the dimensions of the unit?

It is 38*21.1*56.5 inches.

Will the Eiffel TV stand hold an 82 inch Samsung?

Please make sure your TV's VESA is between 100(W)mm x 100(H)mm and 600(W)mm x 400(H)mm and the weight does not exceed 132 lbs / 60 kg to fit your TV.

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