hello summer

As the sun shines brighter and the days lengthen, we have the perfect opportunity to enjoy the warmth of the season with our loved ones. Imagine enjoying the great outdoors while enjoying your favorite movies and shows.

Let us help you take your summer events to the next level with our innovative outdoor TV stands. They are designed to bring the magic of cinema into your garden. Join us as we celebrate the beauty of summer and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones!


Discover inspirational summer outdoor TV stand ideas from our influencers!

Movie night in the garden 🌿

Thanks to this awesome TV stand by @fitueyesofficial 🥰 it was super easy to create this perfect setup in my garden - this is definitely where you'll find me all summer long! 🥂

Coffee time with friends☕

We didn't originally have a TV in the kitchen, but thanks to the new TV easel, that's no longer a problem. Now we can easily put a TV in the kitchen when we need it. 😸The easel fits perfectly in the corner of the room, saving us the space for a bulky TV, which is ideal for the kitchen! ☺️

Watch TV show with family

It is super practical and elegant with its marble effect base!
We installed it in the pool house and it's great because it rotates! Can't wait to see my video yoga classes by the pool! 🧘‍♀️ or to do a summer movie night... 💕🌸

Enjoy free time on the terrace

Experience the magical atmosphere of June by enjoying films on the terrace or in the garden on balmy summer evenings. Let yourself be enchanted by the scent of blooming flowers and plants while you talk shop with your loved ones about the plot of your favorite film. Immerse yourself in the relaxed atmosphere and enjoy the beauty of mild summer evenings to the fullest!

Host a garden afternoon tea with friends

Treat your guests to a tempting selection of delicious scones, sandwiches and desserts in your summer garden. While the TV music sounds in the background, the room fills with contagious laughter and a happy mood. Immerse yourself in this lively atmosphere and experience an unforgettable afternoon full of enjoyment and community!

Experience sports matches to the fullest with your family

What could be nicer than watching an exciting sports game in your summery yard? Gather your family, grab cool drinks and snacks, and get ready for an immersive game on TV. As the tension builds and emotions run high, you will erupt in cheers together and celebrate every winning moment. Enjoy this thrilling experience and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones!

Decorate the summer with colors

Embrace the beauty of life by showcasing all of its vibrant colors in your home, filling every audiovisual moment with rich nuances and stunning shades. As you embark on a new summer, let your heart lead the way and fully embrace the joys of life.

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Bring home the beauty of Parisian summer

Experience the romantic magic of Europe with the classic silhouette of the Eiffel Tower, perfectly recreated to bring the Parisian summer vibes home. Let its charm transport you to a world of radiant beauty, where summer days are filled with magic and wonder.

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