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VESA Norm - Was bedeutet der VESA Standard?

VESA standard - What does the VESA standard mean?

The definition of VESA The VESA standard, also known as the VESA dimension or VESA standard, is a standard for attaching flat screens / LCD / monitors / television sets to monitor mounts or TV ...

Picasso Serie - Das Leben mit Kunst schmücken

Picasso Series - Decorate life with art

Unique design The shape of the Picasso series is unique among FITUEYES TV stands. Originally, the structure of the tripod is common in the TV stand category, the structure is very simple, and it ...

Master Series - ein Symbol für den exquisiten Geschmack des urbanen Lebens

Master Series - a symbol of the exquisite taste of urban life

Unique marble design This TV stand is inspired by the design of Groenlândia, a commercial space in Sao Paulo, Brazil, which features a modern design of the whole body marble, solemn and beaut...

Eiffel Serie - vom Boden bis zur Tischplatte

Eiffel Series - from floor to table top

art collision An integrated new design based on the easel and the Eiffel Tower, working out the most beautiful and scientific structure of the TV stand. Wide range of use The Eiffel serie...

Picasso Serie—Kunst sei mit dir

Picasso Series—Art be with you

Unique design The shape of the Picasso series is unique among Fitueyes TV stands. Inspired by a three-legged easel, this stand can remind users of art, paintings and all other beautiful thing...

Die 4 besten ergonomischen Produkte für das Jahr 2022

The 4 best ergonomic products for 2022

Modern people are often negatively affected by sedentary work due to the long working hours and learning at the desk. However, traditional desks lack height-adjustable and other ergonomic features ...