What we learn from our customers

Was wir von unseren Kunden lernen

Any mature and outstanding brand needs to know their customers well, and Fitueyes is no exception. After years of development, the concept of "Customer Orientation" is deeply rooted in the minds of Fitueyes employees. That's why we decided to create a customer portrait using an online questionnaire with 18 questions. The data we gathered from this online survey will provide Fitueyes with valuable input for future product and service optimization.

Fortunately, many customers took part in this online survey, which provides sufficient data for our research. Fitueyes would like to thank the customers for their trust. The Fitueyes editors organized and evaluated the submitted questionnaires and are also publishing the results here.

According to the data, there are hardly any teenagers among Fitueyes customers, with most being adult males over the age of 30. Also, more than 80% of Fitueyes customers are well educated and have decent and well-paid jobs, many of them are corporate executives, university staff, media professionals, etc.

However, to our surprise, more than 50% of Fitueyes customers are single, followed by people living with small families. As a result, many of them live in rented or small-area houses. We also find that Fitueyes customers show an amazing consistency in interior design preferences, which is quite interesting. The most common keyword is "modern", followed by "classic", "elegance" and "simple". In addition, cool colors such as blue and white in interior design are very popular with Fitueyes customers.

We are also interested in customers' shopping habits of TV stands. The pie chart below shows that half of the customers are willing to buy TV stands in physical stores as they feel somewhat more secure through the offline shopping channel. However, compared to big online shopping platforms like Amazon and Ebay, people tend to buy TV stands from the brand's official website, which really gives us confidence. According to the chart below, product appearance is the most important factor for all participants when choosing a TV stand. Also, 66.67% of customers value the function of the TV stand, followed by the price. However, it seems that the brand has no influence on the purchase decision. The good news is that most Fitueyes customers give us positive reviews, because Fitueyes TV stands are stylish, high quality and have good functions, they are willing to recommend our products to others.

We look forward to every positive rating from our customers, such as artistic, stylish, high quality, functional and versatile. Please give us more time and trust, we will launch more well-designed TV stand, which can be integrated with interior design, improve both product quality and customer service, to become a professional and outstanding TV stand brand become.

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