Master Series - a symbol of the exquisite taste of urban life

Master Serie - ein Symbol für den exquisiten Geschmack des urbanen Lebens

Unique marble design

This TV stand is inspired by the design of Groenlândia, a commercial space in Sao Paulo, Brazil, which features a modern design of the whole body marble, solemn and beautiful. Fitueyes designers chose marble as the main material not only because it has a beautiful texture but also symbolizes elegance and nobility. To make it more robust and reduce the risk of cracks during transport, the Fitueyes designers opted for a design that combines marble and tempered glass. Also, Fitueyes invited some masters to study the texture to make it even more charming.

Wide range of use

This device can be used not only at home and in the office, but also enjoys great popularity among owners of art studios, restaurants and showrooms. Because its unique design can be perfectly integrated into the modern furnishing style.

Durable and safe materials

The device is made of high quality steel and 0.3 inch thick marble pattern tempered glass, which is sturdy and durable. It protects your TV from falling. In addition, the circular design of the base and device column makes this device safer, so you don't have to worry about your kids and pets being hurt by the sharp edge.

Powerful Features

This device is height adjustable from 38.6 to 46.5 inches and swivels ±20°, ensuring the most comfortable viewing angle for people of all heights. Hidden cord storage in the column, small parts storage in the back. The cords can be stored through the post and the well-designed back allows you to organize small items, like cords and sockets.

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