Eiffel series design inspiration

A classic work of the FITUEYES design series inspired by the Eiffel Tower in Paris. It recreates the classic outline of the tower, reminds you of European romanticism and starts the journey of steel magic to France for you.


With a total of 180,000 pieces sold in 5 years, the Eiffel series is popular with customers all over the world.


The Eiffel Series has won the admiration of 200,000 users and brought joy to tens of thousands of families around the world.

ten years

The Eiffel Series is backed by an industry-leading 10-year warranty.


FITUEYES offers carefully designed TV stands that meet your need for a TV unit with no drilling and mobility features. We believe that the combination of TV and floor TV stand will spark an audiovisual revolution.

Giulio Wuu - Eiffel Series Designers

Professional testing

  • Stability Testing: The sturdy column resists swaying and easily negotiates a 10-degree tilt.
  • 3A Box Drop Test: The test accompanies the safety of the products during transportation.
  • Load Test : Double load for 24 hours, no cracks on the surface, showing it can handle large TVs.

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Floor TV stand Eiffel series 75-100 inchesFloor TV stand Eiffel series 75-100 inches
TV table stand Eiffel series 55-85 inches TV table stand Eiffel series 55-85 inches