VESA standard - What does the VESA standard mean?

VESA Norm - Was bedeutet der VESA Standard?

The definition of VESA

The VESA standard, also known as the VESA dimension or VESA standard, is a standard for attaching flat screens / LCD / monitors / television sets to monitor mounts or TV mounts.

Depending on the dimensions and weight of the screen, at least four threads or drill holes are defined (hole pattern). Thanks to the uniform VESA standard, you can attach your television to a monitor mount for the wall, table or ceiling. The prerequisite is that both the screen and the monitor mount have the same VESA standard.

Almost all manufacturers of monitors/television devices provide corresponding threaded holes on the back of the screens for attachment to mounting systems. The VESA standard results from the horizontal and vertical spacing of the threaded holes.

Which VESA standard do I have?

  1. You can simply see the VESA information in the data sheet of the device or on the manufacturer's page in the technical data
  2. Alternatively, you can determine the VESA standard yourself. Look at the back of your monitor and look for threaded holes. Measure the horizontal and vertical distance of the screw holes (center to center) VESA standard = horizontal distance in mm x vertical distance in mm


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