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Customers may have choice phobia when buying a TV stand, many of them have difficulty with how to find a TV stand that can meet their needs and fit their styles. Fitueyes Buyer Guide provides you with TV stand basic knowledge and clarify your buying requirements, help you to become a wise TV stand buyer.

Why buy a TV stand?

A TV stand is a device that can support your TV vertically or mount it on the wall. There are many subcategories such as B. TV wall mount, TV floor stand, universal TV stand for countertop, TV trolley, etc. Which TV stand is right for you depends on your personal requirements and preferences. Therefore, figuring out why you need a TV stand is very important.

Here are some common reasons to buy :

  1. Elevating the Aesthetic Appeal: A beautiful, artistically designed TV stand that can be incorporated into home décor to showcase a sophisticated lifestyle. Nowadays, many people believe that TV stands can also be a good decoration in their house.
  2. TV Safety : TV tipping over is often a major hazard in the home, especially for those with children and pets. With professional TV stands, you can eliminate this risk because they are made of robust materials and have to pass several stress tests. Therefore, TV stands are an effective way to prevent TVs from falling over.
  3. Save space: If you decide to put your TV on a stand, you can save a lot of space on your table. Many TV stands are not only space-saving, but also offer additional storage space for your AV equipment. And if you choose a wall-mounted TV stand, it takes up very little space.
  4. Better Viewing Experience: A professional TV stand provides a comfortable viewing angle and is suitable for people of all heights.
  5. Other Commercial Uses: Some TV stands can be moved freely and used to display products and images in business events.


Many people worry about the high cost of a TV stand, not just money but time. In fact, buying TV stands is a worthwhile investment. When you buy TV stands from reliable brands like Fitueyes, you get durable devices that can be held and used for a very long time. Because we invest more than 2000 hours in each TV stand and guarantee high product quality. If you break this cost down to each individual day, you'll find that this cost is roughly equivalent to the value of a candy. This little activity will help you reap long-term benefits for your mind and body.

Fitueyes is a professional TV stand manufacturing and selling group. We offer cost effective TV stands when compared to other brands. For example, it costs only 193$ on Fitueyes Eiffel Tower Series Floor TV Stand and 38.99$ on Fitueyes Universal TV Stand.

As for the service, Fitueyes offers 2 years product warranty, our customer service team is always ready to answer any questions and deal with your problems. Besides, if you need a spare part, we will send it to you at no extra cost.

Besides money, people are also concerned about the time cost since this type of large equipment usually requires longer time to transport and assemble. However, Fitueyes has a warehouse in Germany and can deliver free of charge in just 3-5 working days. We also include professional instruction in each product package to guide people to assemble TV stand.

How to choose a suitable TV stand?

It's important to understand that not all TV stands are created equal. There is a lot to consider when choosing an ideal TV stand.

First of all you need to figure out the basic feature you are looking for, some depend on your television character.

  1. TV Size - Fitueyes TV stands are suitable for 13-80 inch TV.
  2. Weight Capacity - How much weight the TV stand can hold. Fitueyes TV stand weight capacity is up to 143LBS.
  3. VESA Interface Standard - A standard that defines the distance in millimeters between the four mounting holes on the back of a television. The most common Fitueyes Vesa specifications are 400×400 and 600×
  4. Material - The material often determines the strength of the TV stand. Most Fitueyes TV stands are made of a steel-wood hybrid structure, some are equipped with tempered glass. These materials make the TV stand strong and durable.

Different TV stands have different functions. Excellent functionality made Fitueyes products stand out from its competitors and win good reputation among customers all over the world.

  1. Mobility - Some TV stands are equipped with heavy-duty casters at the bottom, such as Futueyes TV Cart, Fitueyes TV Stand Series-Eiffe etc. You can move it to wherever you want.
  2. Additional Storage Space - Some TV stands provide shelving and others add additional storage space for audio-video equipment, like most of Fitueye's TV stands.
  3. Height/Swivel Range - The TV stand ensures a comfortable viewing angle for people of different heights by being adjustable in height and swivel range. This feature is available on almost all Fitueyes products.
  4. Cable Management - Scientific cable management for a more aesthetic TV cabinet. For example, the carefully designed back of the Fitueyes Master allows you to organize small items, cables and sockets. We offer three background colors that can change the mood of the user.
  5. Safety - Some Fitueyes TV stands have plastic joints on the steel tube joints to protect the user from sharp edges.

In addition to the above aspects, more and more people attach importance to the decorative effect of TV stands in interior design. Therefore, Fitueyes designers invest a lot of time in product research and development, they visit many places to look for inspiration, and also incorporate them into product design. These efforts make Fitueye's TV stand have more artistic and decorative value.

What type of user are you?

For home

1.Games/Movie Lovers - If you often watch movies or play games, we recommend a Fitueyes TV stand with extra storage space where you can place DVDs and game consoles.

  1. Home Theater Builder - If you want to build a home theater, you can check out our TV Stands that are suitable for large TVs.

3.home office builder - If you want to hold business meetings at home, you can try Fitueyes TV Cart. This device is very flexible for changes of occasion.

  1. Living Alone - We recommend you to buy a Fitueyes TV stand with wheels because you can use it in both the bedroom and the living room for relaxation.
  2. Living with family or friends - you need a TV stand with adjustable height and swivel range to ensure everyone has a comfortable viewing angle.

For business

If you want to display videos and pictures at business occasions such as shopping malls and exhibition halls, you can consider Fitueyes TV Cart, which is very easy to move.

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